February 2024:

Meanwhile, we are busy developing the toolbox. We are very happy to show you our first draft of the visual. All together, we decided to divide the toolbox into 4 topics that work in a staircase system. Below we can already give you some teasers, more info will follow soon.

How to flourish; here we focus on awareness of e.g. emotions or lifestyle, we focus on accessible exercises on self-compassion, mindfulness and group dynamics that you can use in the classroom.

How to deal with challenges; here we will focus on e.g. relaxation exercises, emotion regulation, dealing with social media and conflicts.

Learning about mental illness; here we get to know signals about mental health problems, we develop a kind of file that helps you identify signals and give you knowledge.

How to find help/support; here we look for addresses to refer, but we also look at how this can be done communicatively.

January 2024:
TPM Tallinn
Let’s meet each other in Tallinn and focus on the toolbox and teacher training.


We met again, this time in Tallinn. During our meeting, we looked at how to use social media for our project and which schools are participating in the pilot of the teacher training. We went into content and started developing the toolbox and teacher training. Finally, we looked at where all the dissemination opportunities lie.



January 2024:

Our partner of Basque country had the lead of developing an informational brochure aimed primarily at teachers, containing information on mental health in the context of secondary education in a concise way.

You can find it here.

December 2023:
Transnational report
Transnational report

We merged all national reports into one transnational report. With these, we continue to work on developing the toolbox and training.

You can read it here.

September 2023:
National reports
Facts and figures in each country. Discovering good practices.

Each partner developed a national report about mental health in the context of secondary education. The reports focusses on possibilities of teachers to positively impact their student’s mental health. In this stage, we want to find out what exactly are the problems in regard to mental health in the context of secondary education, and what teachers can do to strengthen mental health and well-being of their students. 

June 2023:
Visual identity & developing webpage
We are happy to announce that our webpage design is ready. We also made a logo, can you see the emotion(s)?

With the sentence: “It’s okay not to feel okay”, we want to commit to raising awareness among young people who are mentally unwell as our mission statement reflects changing the attitude and reducing stigma.

April 2023:
We did some Interviews and focus groups
The voice of the students and school professionals, we’ve got them all. Students writing letters to their teachers about mental health in the classroom.

It was important to hear everyone's voice. Therefore, we looked for ways to hear the voices of both young people and school professionals. We conducted interviews, but also looked for other ways to identify issues.

We looked for needs, barriers, good practices, …

In Belgium, an interactive focus group was organised during the holidays. However, there were numerous young people present, which once again reflects the need.

Curious about an example of a letter from a young person? You can find it here.

February 2023:
Kick-off Meeting in Cologne
Meet SENSE; shaping emotionally nurturing school environments. Because Mental Health matters also at school.

We were very happy that the project could start. We met further in Cologne and brainstormed for the first work packages. Here you can find some examples of what was on the program.

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