Example of a letter from a young person

Dear teacher, 

You have the power to empower us in our learning, but also in our well-being. 
Here is a list of tips for the classroom: 
-Facilitate regular class discussion
-Ask how we are doing from time to time
-Be aware of our agenda when scheduling tasks & tests
-Make sure the route to student support is clear and approachable

Dear teacher, 

I would feel better if you asked every so often how your students are doing. If things are not going well, try to be a help to your student. Do not refer in your lessons to what pupils have told you personally. Keep discretion as much as possible. After an incident, ask if things have improved. Also ask how things are in the class group, many pupils draw strength from their class group.

Dear Mr X, 

For a good class atmosphere, I would have more class discussions or do more activities with the class. This would bring the class closer together and improve the atmosphere in general. You are a good teacher and you see that you care about your students. Thanks for doing your best.

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